Choosing a legacy that fits your interest

  • A chair recognizes distinguished faculty and provides resources for significant ongoing research.
  • A professorship allows a faculty member to increase scholarly pursuits, educate new scientists and continue research projects.
  • A fellowship encourages outstanding scientists at the beginning of their careers to focus on cancer research, treatment or prevention.
  • A lecture series encourages the exchange of ideas by inviting knowledgeable individuals to make presentations to the faculty and staff.
  • An award is given to outstanding faculty and staff to encourage high goals and performance.
Minimums needed to establish an endowment

  • Undergraduate Scholarship: $25,000
  • Endowed Fund*: $100,000
  • Lecture Series: $100,000
  • Award: $100,000
  • Fellowship: $100,000
  • Professorship: $400,000
  • Distinguished Professorship: $600,000
  • Chair: $1,000,000
  • Distinguished Chair: $2,000,000
  • Distinguished University Chair: $3,000,000

*Certain types of endowed funds may require a higher level of funding due to the purpose of the fund.

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