Endowments at The University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center give you a vehicle through which you can honor people or events affected by cancer. You can create an endowment for any goal you set in our mission to end cancer. Your generosity can help support research or invest in education. It can promote the exchange of knowledge or impact a particular patient program.

How can I do it?

You can establish an endowment in a variety of ways. You can give conventionally through a gift of outright cash. You can use stock and other forms of securities, or even real estate, to establish an endowment. You can secure your legacy through a living trust or a will, which can include all, a specific amount or percentage of your estate. And you can take up to five years to fully fund an endowment.

Endowment Types and Levels

  • Scholarship: $25,000
  • Award: $100,000
  • Research Fund: $100,000
  • Graduate Fellowship: $100,000
  • Faculty Fellowship: $250,000
  • Professorship: $500,000
  • Distinguished Professorship: $1 million
  • Chair: $2 million
  • Distinguished Chair: $3 million
  • Distinguished University Chair: $4 million

Learn more

Contact us for more information on setting up an endowment.

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